Girl Scout Cookies are one of the best new strains to come out of the California Bay Area. It was bred from two strains that were already widely popular – F1 Durban Poison and OG Kush. F1 Durban Poison is a sativa hybrid, while OG Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. This mix is what provides the Girl Scout Cookies Strain with their versatile qualities and wide appeal. Sativa strains deliver a “head high”, while Indica strains provide a “body high”. Girl Scout Cookies provide the best of both worlds with intellectual stimulation and physical relaxation.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Lineage

There has been a fair amount of confusion in regards to the lineage of Girl Scout Cookies. Many sources claim that there is Grand Daddy Purp or Cherry Pie in its breeding, when in fact there is not. Some of this confusion stems from the fact that the Cherry Pie strain was created from Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. There is a common parent, but Girl Scout Cookies is a different strain. In addition, the group that released the Girl Scout Cookies Strain was also involved with Cherry Pie.

Girl Scout Cookies Popularity

The Girl Scout Cookies Strain quickly achieved popularity in the Bay Area in 2010. The rapper/dispensary owner Berner has popularized the strain through his music, giving it strong name brand recognition. Many imitators have cropped up due to its popularity, with unrelated strains being marketed as GSC to try to cash in. However, F1 Durban Poison and OG Kush are the true parents, which will make it easy to verify the genuine article.


  • Tanner says:

    The F1 Durban Poison is not a hybrid it is a 100% sativa

  • Cleo Tapia says:

    Yes its not easy getting a hold of girls scout cookies. Its so delicious. Can you send me a quarter. By all means I will pay for it.

  • calvin says:

    Given that information about the girl scout cookies, what is cali connection GSC, and what is the “forum” cut GSC? Which one is which or are neither it?

  • Dannabis says:

    February 2014 High Times article with the Cookie Family says that GSC is a three strain cross, a plant arbitrarily named ‘F1’ to keep it anonymous was crossed with Durban Poison,
    and then [“F1” X Durban Poison] was crossed with ‘a legendary kush’ prolly the OG.

    ““It’s our secret sauce — I won’t tell you the real name,” said Jigga. “It had this pissy funk and was one of the best strains around aside from the Kush. So the F1 was crossed with Durban Poison and stabilized, and then that strain was crossed with a Kush that itself is something of a legend.” – Simunek p1.

    Article here for reference: http://www.hightimes.com/read/inside-girl-scout-cookies

    Just thought it might add a bit to the page.

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