The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is a popular, high quality strain that is sure to satisfy any marijuana connoisseur. They deliver a potent high with over 20% THC content in a good sample. But GSC is the total package – its appearance, taste, and smell are all phenomenal. This gives you a well-rounded, enjoyable smoking experience.


A nugget of the Girl Scout Cookies strain will be a mix of greens laced with orange filaments. It will also be covered in trichomes – tiny crystals that are full of THC. If you see the orange hairs and the frosty appearance of trichomes, you can be sure that you’re getting the proper product.


The GSCS has a very unique, heavy scent. It is reminiscent of mint and chocolate, yet with an earthy musk. It only becomes stronger as you break it up. The taste combines chocolate with fruity flavors and even a sense of pastries or cookie dough, hence the name. Its Kush parentage is also clearly present, and these nuanced flavors will stick to your lips. The smoke is very smooth – you’ll have an easy time inhaling and holding it in. Even though there’s no harshness, you may still cough due to its potent quality.


Of course, the main event is the high that it gives. Girl Scout Cookies are bred from F1 Durban Poison and OG Kush. F1 Durban Poison is a sativa hybrid, while OG Kush is indica dominant – meaning that Girl Scout Cookies combine the qualities of both.

Sativa is noted for its intellectual or mental highs, which bring about euphoria, giddiness, and dissociative creativity. Indica, on the other hand, causes what is known as the “body high” – very physically relaxing, putting you in a calm trance. By combining these marijuana types in its parentage, the Girl Scout Cookie strain is a versatile experience suited to all different tastes.

You’ll have the stimulation and creativity, along with the physical relaxation that eases away tension and stress. And at slightly over 20% THC concentration, even experienced smokers will feel the full effects.

The high will start off in your head, with stimulation behind the temples, followed by a spreading tingling sensation. As you get more energized and euphoric, this will be set off by a mellowed-out physical high. The head/body high ratio is said to be around 70/30. The high will last from 2-3 hours, and will have side effects of sleepiness and appetite stimulation. The Girl Scout Cookies strain is perfect for those who have trouble getting to sleep or have issues with paranoia.

Overall, GSCS delivers an all-around quality experience.


  • joe says:

    I’m putting some cookies in the ground,indoor what do I need to look out for,not growing in an tent or box, just on the desk…. works good there for others ..

  • ken says:

    I don’t like the taste it leaves in your mouth. .it tastes like it’s moldy or old.dirty tasting to me..prefer ak-47 or soul diesel

  • fred ;;;; says:

    if you can tell me , what is a good feeding schedule?

  • Mike says:

    Any CBD in this strain?

  • Jane doe says:

    Me and a few friends smoked this. I took one hit and was coughing my brains out, and then I proceeded to have the worst experience of my life.
    I went and laid down under a few blankets about two minutes after the hit. I fell into a hazy like state where my stomach was bothering me and I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind was so filled with paranoid thoughts. I noticed my friends were fine, they were just up moving around joking, laughing, and making food. Then I ended up vomiting. It was an awful experience that has turned me away from marijuana, as this is not the first time this has happeneded but I was just trying to give it another chance. Why is it that I have such negative results from marijuana? There is something about my body that just doesn’t agree with it.

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