Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain

girl-scout-cookies-strain-budOne of the hottest new strains on the medical marijuana market is called Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This strain comes from the California Bay Area, and has been made famous by rappers like Berner. It is a hybrid of sativa and indica, giving you the best of both worlds.

According to it’s history, GSC was bred from OG Kush and F1 Durban Poison, both of which are popular in their own right. It has an enticing look and smell, with a very nuanced and pleasant flavor. The high combines mental stimulation with “body high” relaxation. This makes it a fine choice for those who want a remedy for anxiety while still enjoying a cerebral high.

It is a quality strain all-around, and ideal for those who want something of everything from their weed. It regularly tests at over 20% THC, making it a very strong weed strain that is sure to give you an intense smoking experience.

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It is a quality strain all-around, and ideal for those who want something of everything from their weed. It regularly tests at over 20% THC, making it a very strong weed strain that is sure to give you an intense smoking experience.

History of the Girl Scout Cookie Strain

Girl Scout Cookies were released commercially to the Bay Area in 2010, by the same group that brought you Cherry Pie. The strain quickly proved to be successful, being mentioned in music and commanding higher prices. As its popularity grew, GSC also became the subject of confusion. Like many other popular and trendy strains, its name recognition was used for false advertising for marketing other, unrelated strains.

There has also been quite a bit of confusion about its pedigree. Many have incorrectly associated it with Grand Daddy Purp and Cherry Pie. Genuine GSC is descended from indica-dominant OG Kush and sativa F1 Durban Poison. This gives it its prized hybrid qualities, combining physical relaxation with a mental high.

Qualities of Girl Scout Cookies

girl-scout-cookie-strain-weedAppearance by itself will tell you that Girl Scout Cookies are an excellent strain. The green colors are laced with orange hairs, and covered in THC-laden trichomes. Its smell is intense – minty, sweet, yet with a sense of earthy pungency. It only gets more noticeable as you break down the buds. To put it simply, it is a beautiful strain to admire!

The taste is even more complex. The smoke is smooth and rich, with hints of chocolate, pastries, and lemongrass. It is easy to inhale, and sticks to your lips. One hit and you’re sure to understand how GSC got its supreme popularity.

Of course, the main attraction is the high it gives, which is a great experience all around. It starts with intense mental stimulation, giddiness and euphoria. The energetic buzz is later met with a mellowed physical high that is very relaxing. Some have reported a “spacey” high as well, leading to high creativity and thought dissociation. It is overall an intense high that will last a few hours. The combination of sativa and indica gives you an all-around positive experience suited to all different tastes.

Girl Scout Cookies Growing Process

Girl Scout Cookies plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. They require intermediate skill as a grower – care must be taken to get an ideal final product, but the plants are resilient and tend to stay healthy. They thrive in a hydroponic setting, and prefer room to grow.

Flowering Process

You can expect them to flower in 9-10 weeks, and deliver up to 2 ounces per plant. Many of the basic principles of growing marijuana plants apply to the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Males and females must be separated to avoid pollination, which detracts from the buds you want.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Seeds must be germinated before planting. Young plants should have 18/6 light/dark cycles, switching over to 12/12 for flowering. The plants should be well-watered and in clean, nutritious soil. They should not be in a humid environment, unless you are growing roots on clones.

Girl Scout Cookies Clones

These plants can definitely be cloned reliably; as long as you’re careful about cutting shoots in the vegetative phase, and diligent about rooting and transplanting. Naturally excessive cloning causes genetic weakness, so you should rely on other methods too, like buying seeds or limited sexual reproduction.

Overall, an eye for detail and consistent growing work will go a long way in getting an ideal final product during harvest.

What do you guys think about this strain? Please share your thoughts on Girl Scout Cookies below!


  • Emanuel says:

    im growing gsc but mine looks more like durbin with the way the leaves look but for the most part it grew tall and the flowers were dark and it had a pungent smell and awesome taste. i was wondering if this strain can handel a high amount of neuts during feedings

  • zombieoflust says:

    Get for real upper highlands THAI if you can . All of these so called super weed are just hype. In other words you cant do any better geneticly than what comes naturally GROW it outside, Its worth the wait!!!

  • Xiomara says:

    This is THE best strain I ever had. Gives me such a calm, peaceful feeling. Plus, makes me super aroused. My partner loves it when I use this specific strain!

  • mike says:

    Someone said one strain of cookies has seeds in bud. this sounds crazy is it true

  • I got a few seeds out of some cookies that I. Had along with some other seeds I had all of which were good I started it in my hydro system they’re growing but can’t tell the plants apart can you help me out please

  • scott says:

    Is Florida too humid for outdoor growing? Thanks for your prompt reply!

  • Russ Hudson says:

    I’ve reviewed the Girl Scout Cookies strain over the last few weeks and published a full-feature review yesterday. While I found GSC does indeed provide a powerful high, I didn’t find that it tasted of anything notable, really. Mild smell, mild smoke and very mild flavor. However, I did notice that the effects from this strain were especially strong in my skin – not tissues and muscle like most weed – in my skin. You can read about it here, complete with pictures: Of course, as I always mention, most of the flavor and taste of a strain can be completely screwed up by bad curing methods, so my review might not be representative of the strain when processed flawlessly.

  • MICCEY says:

    Love it the new chronic…..!!!!!

  • Will says:

    I’m growing girl scout cookies outdoors and they are 3 weeks into flowering. what should i feed them. Rite now i have gave them 7-55-12 bloom bust a week ago. Is that ok. And how many ounces will i get off 1 plant growing outdoors with 6 hours of sunshine.

  • mike says:

    Only 2 oz per plant? that seems really low for an average yield…. I was thinking of picking this strain up and doing it in a 20 gallon dwc bucket, surely it should yield closer to a lb or more you think?

  • SKitZ says:

    I don’t get it and maybe this site can clear it up for me. What is the difference between Polynesian, thin mints, forum, yellow, ogkb, etc. so many damn phenos and not one visual of any on the net.

  • Shaun Donovan says:

    I,m smoking some fresh girl scout cookies right now and they are great. SHAUN

  • Nathan says:

    Hello GSC,
    My name is Nathan and I am a Colorado native. Ive been trying to find Girls scout cookie genetics for months without luck. I am simply looking for personal grow , I’m not the asshole to throw genetics in the air, I simply would just like to grow my favorite strain and know it is the true Girl scout cookie. Please contact me if you can help. MY email is thank you for your time

  • DaBuds says:

    very nice. very very nice. puts you in a pleasant place where you can still function and enjoy the high. throw a fiver in the juke box and treat the joint to some Johnny Winter followed by a couple of Neil Young tunes. An obscure selection by the Everly Bros. and maybe a Rory Gallagher number and you sit back all GSC faced and enjoy the show.

  • Norman says:

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  • joseph quintero says:

    Love GSC ,, Jim in liver failure and it help greeaatt for my pain ,but it so damn hard to find it in Ohio need to move back to CALI.!

  • shine says:

    Great for studying!was an astronomical experience gave me a sense of being able to feel what a person was thinking while conversing with them love it!

  • Tt says:

    I need sum of this.

  • 8ball 209 says:

    this is a great strai to manipulate I cant say anything bad about gsc its one of the best bud iv smoked n grew. im very pleased with the taste most of all definitely worth my 10 dollars a clone.

  • Patricio Sandoval says:

    I have been smoking GSC for the last year from my local dealer which gets all medical. Like mentioned on the review not 100% if its the correct strain but when I smoke it my HIGH is exactly what is described on the review. Extremely conducive for creativity in all aspects. Its my favorite strain of weed of all time. 20 year smokings. As a chef it has help me greatly in creating menus and different ideas for my restaurants.

  • rtt says:

    Awesome very powerful/relaxing

  • Reaper says:

    I purchased GSC from a medical marijuana dispensary in New Mexico. I don’t know if what I got is the same GSC as described above. However, it does seem to have a taste and smell that is similar to what was described. Also, it is potent and 2 or 3 tokes is all it takes for me. Seems to last a couple of hours. All in all, I like this strain, whether or not it’s the same as Cali GSC.

  • alexander says:

    we have the real deal over here in dc FYI

    regardless its being crossed with TW to make express cookies

  • alexander says:

    berner cant see them express cookies yet……

  • Steve says:

    Hi I’m Steve really interested in girlscoutcookies I have chronic fatigue and also serveir arthritis in hands and knee joints . I live in Western Australia 6233 I’m after a real trippy high + pain relief have smoked for over 30+ years can u tell me how I can get seeds to my house . And also some other knock out strains to suit my needs . Indoor and out . Thank u steve

  • abraham says:

    How big dose the plant grow too?

  • My favorite choice may be the Canadian Kush feminized seeds which is
    a cross breed of Particular Canadian K and Purple Kush.

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